In 2019 I spent a whole year exploring all the crackling methods I could find. I love the look of aged, weathered paints and wanted to capture this in my work.

It was quite a journey I found tutorials by teachers, various methods online and read through many books to find 15 different ways to crackle clay. I'm sure I may have missed a few!

Some were explored more extensively than others. I loved making anything with a crackle effect,

I was certainly very prolific with my makes in 2019. It was a fantastic year of discovery, pushing my knowledge of this wonderful medium even further.

Here's the list of the crackles I used, in no particular order:-

  1. Heat crackle
  2. Foil crackle
  3. Alcohol crackle
  4. Leeched crackle
  5. Future polish crackle
  6. Flour paste crackle
  7. Repel gel crackle
  8. Faux crackle canes
  9. Faux crackle silk screens (Rainbow and Moiko)
  10. Faux crackle textures (Metal clay Ltd, Christi Friesen, Melanie Muir)
  11. Kromacrackle
  12. Deco Art crackle Medium 
  13. Swellegant
  14. Ranger Rock Candy mediums
  15. Gesso 

I hope you like browsing my creations as much as I enjoyed making them.

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