How to buid a flower cane out of polymer clay!

Flower Cane
Tools and equipment.
Pasta machine, sharp blade
Premo polymer Clay in Pomegranate red, white, Arzilian, 18k gold, white translucent

  1. Make a skinner blend using two colours I chose red and white, create an accordion style plug of clay.

Step 1 - Flower Cane Tutorial

2. Divide the plug into 5 equal lengths with the lighter gradient at the bottom.

IMG 5417

Wrap each plug in a strong colour, I used Alizarin Red to coordinate with the skinner blend. Why don't you try wrapping it in a contrating colour?

Flower cane   clay plugs being reduced


Reduce the plug to form a flat plug that will pass through the pasta machine.

Pass the flattened plug through the pasta machine with the light strip going in vertically approx. 

Flower cane flattening the plug

The strips should now be 4 cm in length by 1.5cm high.

Take some gold clay run through the machine on the thickest setting to create 4 strips. 4cm long by 1cm high.

Flower cane preparing all the elements

Lay the gold strip against the pale edge of the pink and white clay. Add a thick snake of gold clay, sandwich the gold clay with a second trip of the pink white blend, (remember to align the lighter edges on the same side). This now becomes your stamen.

Flower cane adding a stamen

Repeat this process by adding more gold strips and snakes either side of the stamen forming a petal shape.

Flower cane building the layers

Compress the petal to ensure the stamen are securely encased in the clay.

Wrap the petal in a thin layer #5 of Alizarin clay.(sorry I forgot to take a picture of this step)

Flower cane building the petal

Rest the petal cane overnight or 30 minutes in the fridge.

Reduce the petal cane by gently stretching and pulling the clay out to a length of 13cm.

Divide the cane into 5, 2.5cm lengths.

Flower cane dividing the petals

Using a snake of gold clay as your flower centre, carefully align the 5 petals around the gold plug so it resembles a flower.

Flower cane building the flower

Back fill the gaps between the petals by shaping some translucent clay in snakes and pinching them into triangles, push the triangles into the space between the petals.

IMG 5448

 Roll out a sheets of translucent clay and wrap it around the flower.

Flower cane wrapped in translucent clay

Cut to size, then gently press the translucent clay into the flower.

Flower cane finished cane

Rest the cane for 30 minutes.

Reduce the flower to your desired diameter for your chosen project.