Deep Rose Dotty Disc Set

Deep Rose Dotty Disc Set
Deep Rose Dotty Disc Set Side View
Deep Rose Dotty Disc Set Back and Clasp
Deep Rose Dotty Disc Necklace
Deep Rose Dotty Disc Earrings


5 domed circle beads, each one sporting a different pattern yet all having harmonious colours and patterns.

Each bead is separated by a small pink crystal bead strung on 18” is beading chain in a silver colour and a toggle clasp.

Pearl rose colour, 

45cm in length.


A pair of drop earrings.

2 patterned beads off set with a pink crystal to match the necklace.

Silver toned earwires

Sales price £30.00
Care of Earrings
The silver plated component can become tarnished over time, especially if not worn for some time. If tarnishing occurs use a silver cleaning cloth and gently wipe the ear wire in the cloth. Avoid pulling the wire as this will distort its shape. If the polymer element becomes dirty with make up, use a warm soapy cloth over the surface, it the surface does not come clean. Try swabbing with surgical spirit or rubbing alcohol.
Care of your jewellery
Should you need to clean it however, you can simply brush dust away with a soft brush (like a small paint brush). . Large, smooth areas can be gently wiped with a damp cloth. If make up accumulates use warm soapy water to wipe the surface (should make up prove to be stubborn), use a little facial cleaner to lift the make up away, remembering to rinse and dry thoroughly and carefully. The metal components may tarnish over time especially if not warn for long periods, use a silver cleaning cloth to clean the metal and bring back it's gleam.With proper care your new piece of jewellery will last a very long time.
Special Notes
Polymer is not brittle and for the most part it is actually quite durable, however items with thin details could be broken if you aren’t careful. You should store your jewellery in a place where it will not accumulate dust, and out of direct sunlight. Please avoid knocking them against any hard surfaces, and be especially careful of any small parts sticking out – if caught on clothing and jerked the wrong way with enough force could make the item break. Do not keep the jewellery items in a pocket or at the bottom of your handbag with coins, keys and other sharpish things that can do damage the surface. With proper care your new piece of jewellery should last a very long time.