My name is Debby Wakley, a bit about me, I live in Surrey. I'm married to Ian, who has supported me and given me the freedom to go and "clay play." He's had to put up with polymer coming out of the oven rather than cakes! I have a beautiful daughter who has been very encouraging and is very good at "honest opinions". I have a cat and dog who complete the Wakley tribe. 
I work as a hairdresser running my own business, after over 30 years I still love colouring, cutting and styling, making people feel good. I have always been creative. In the early days it was drawing, then sewing, moving into baking before I found jewellery making. So you could say I have a good sense of lines, colour, balance, so now I use these skills in creating jewellery. I have enjoyed making jewellery as a hobby for over 10 years. Since 2011 I have been drawn to using polymer clay in my creations. I tried my hand at working with polymer clay & I've been in love with it ever since, it's such a versatile medium to use, the possibilities are endless.
You could say I'm addicted to it...I'm a Polymer clay addict who can't stop designing beautiful jewellery for people to wear.
So my journey started. I have done some creative courses with some of the leading international lights in the polymer clay world, such as Donna Kato, Jana Roberts Benzon, Bettina Welker & Nikolina Otrzan. As well as British talents including Cara Jane Hayman, Carol Blackburn & Melanie Muir, some of their influences can be seen in my work.
I have made many new friends along the way, the polymer clay community is a very caring and sharing one and I have learnt a lot from the passionate people who love to 'clay play'. I joined the British Polymer Clay Guild (currently holding the position of Vice President) and run a local branch group for Surrey & Hampshire, to inspire and bring local members together to share in the passion.
I create all of my work by hand, mixing, blending, and matching colours to suit my mood or my clothes. I sometime sketch my ideas before I make them but often the process is so organic, I just go with the flow. Once I've made my design the clay needs to be cured. I then sand them, buff and polish them, then assemble them into a finished piece of wearable art. Each piece takes a long time to create but the process is Oh so satisfying. I have a small studio space in my home. As my space is so small and limited, I have to keep the area as tidy as possible and I'm a self confessed neat freak but sometimes neat and tidy don't mix well with creativity.
I hope you enjoy looking at my work, or owning it as much as I enjoy creating it.